I'm Joana Cerejo, a Product Designer since 2010 from Portugal, passionate about Digital Design and the Human Experience.

Joana Cerejo - UX Designer

I'm fascinated with how we shape technology and how technology shapes us in return, especially under Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

I'm a data-driven designer with a huge curiosity for how futures technology will shape the design creation process.

I'm a hands-on implementer.
I care about the small details and enjoy constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge.

I lead the UX vision & implementation across the project's ecosystem.

I see design as a tool for driving business value.
My Journey
Joana Cerejo Resume TImeline
I have +4 years of experience as a hands-on Product Designer that works and leads strategy and production of tidy, thorough UX deliverables and best practices.

Becker CPA. Homepage

Redesigning Becker CPA review Homepage to improve users' engagement rates and correct navigation issues.

Becker CPA. Future of eLearning, bringing AI to eLearning

Introduction of Artificial intelligence engine to augment student studying skills to improve their learning process.

Fudish APP.
JTBD + Design

Designing an app for foodie People. Eating can be a greater experience rather than just satisfying a basic need. Today, eating can be a holistic experience starting before, during, and after eating. This app meant to cover all the stages related to eating out and how to promote sharing those experiences with others.

USMLE. App Redesign

iPhone and Android app redesign of Becker USMLE eLearning application to be a Self-Study GuideMD and QMD for students studying for the USMLE exam.

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