UX Designer

at least, every day, I aspire to be one 🙂

Hi! My name is Joana Cerejo. I am a Portuguese User Experience Designer from Matosinhos. I was born on a bright day of 16th September of 1987 and I work as a professional designer since 2010.

My UX career has been highlighted by multidisciplinary fields, which granted me a flexible approach, employing a variety of agile and user-centered methodologies, to deliver great experiences across multiple platforms.

Alongside to my designer career, I also dedicate my time to classes. After finishing my master degree, (a milestone that made me fall in love with UX) I had the honor to be invited as an Assistant Professor at Portuguese Catholic University to teach Design Thinking and User Experience Design. On my free time, I dedicate my time to User Experience Audits – www.ux.com.pt

and today

I'm a UX team of one!

Joana Cerejo - Portuguese UX Designer - Resume

my hobbies


Animals are my life passion. I am a crazy cat lover and a huge fan of reptiles, especially snakes.


If i could, i would spend every weekend in my town zoo. I simply love photograph animals. Is for sure, one of my favourite hobbies!

video games

For too many years, i love playing mmo’s. Today, in my free time, i am a great enthusiast of final fantasy xiv.


The simple pleasures in life! Dark, sugar-free and aromatic… And i am ready to face the world 🙂


Please, do not follow stereotypes. ^.^ is just music! And it is awesome \m/


Since i am a child, i am very quiet but very curious and observe nature. So, it is no surprise that i enjoy researching, read and explore. For me, life is a constant learning curve.


I am not a fan of novels! Mainly, I enjoy read technical books. However, I spent much of my time life reading great literature classics.


Who can resist to a tasty popcorn bucket?! I do not! So, as anyone else, I enjoy going to the movies. I am a declared popcorn addict! My favourite movie directors are Tarantino and Wes Anderson.