Design for Learning - AI Research Problem

The short turn strategy of Becker, is to move from a fill-to-all experience to a hyper-personalized one. With the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are moving from the concept of Progress to Proficiency.

UI / UX - 2017
Design for Healthcare- App Redesign

The application already existed and was already developed.
This was just a visual and usability enhancement project.


Over the years, I had the opportunity to test several processes. By experience, the Revamped Double Diamond, a design process framework based on the Design Council's Double Diamond, is the one how had present better outcomes. It aims at making sense of the design process, and providing guidance and clarity. In order to enable people to tackle design challenges. The framework incorporates tools, methods, and techniques from various sources to do so.

The goal is to get from point A – "Don't know" or "Could be" – to point B – "Do know" or "Should be".
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