2007 - Present

My Education
what qualifications I pursue to become a UX & product designer

PhD Student in Digital Medias
at University of Porto
(Sep 2016 - Present)
Research Title:
Anticipatory Design for the Ubiquitous Computing Era: Towards a Human-centered Artificial Intelligence shift in Interaction Design
Certification on UX Management
at Nielson Norman group
(Jun 2018)
Specialisation in:
# Lean UX & Agile
# UX Deliverables
# Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In
# Design Tradeoffs and UX Decision Frameworks
# Managing User Experience Strategy
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MSc, Computer Animation - 3D
at Catholic University of Porto
(Sep 2012 - Jul 2013)
I did this course not focused on my long term carrier. But just for fun! I love video games, I just wanted to know how they were built :)
MSC in Creative Industries Management (Distinction) at Chatolic University of Porto
(Sep 2010 - JuL 2012)
Dissertation Title: "Design Thinking associated with R&D Process Management and knowledge Transfer for the Creative Industries" with 18 final score and a paper publication at 62nd Annual Conference of the International Council for Education media on Design Thinking; Cyprus.
Master Thesis Presentation
BA, Graphic Design & Adversiting
at Oporto Polytechnic Institute
(Sep 2007 - Jul 2010)
Graduation in Graphic and Advertising Design, at School of Industrial Studies and Management – Dissertation Title: "The importance of color for communication" with 19 final score and a paper publication at 7ºSOPCOM Congress of Digital Media and Creative Industries, Porto.
2014 - Present


Norman & Nielson Group

June 2018 - View Certificate
Certification on User Experience Management
Specialisation in: Lean UX & Agile; UX Deliverables; Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In; Design Tradeoffs and UX Decision Frameworks; Managing User Experience Strategy

Interaction Design Foundation

April 2020 - View Certificate

The Brain and Technology: Brian science in Interface Design
April 2020 - View Certificate

UX Management: Strategy & Tactics

December 2019 - View Certificate

Affordances: Designing Intuitive User Interfaces


October 2019 - View Certificate

Practical Statistics for the User Experience I

October 2019 - View Certificate

How to Carry out a Usability Expert Review

October 2014 - View Certificate
User Experience (UX): The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX


November 2018 - View Certificate

InVision Essential Training: Design System Manager

October 2018 - View Certificate

UX research for Agile Teams

October 2018 - View Certificate

Building and Maintaining Your UX Design Portfolio

October 2018 - View Certificate

User Experience Insights with Chris Nodder

October 2018 - View Certificate

Creating a Design System with Sketch

October 2018 - View Certificate

InVision Studio First Look

October 2018 - View Certificate

InVision Essential Training: Studio

October 2018 - View Certificate

UX Design: 2 Analyzing User Data


I was born on September 16, 1987, in Porto, Portugal. I made my basic education in Arts. But an interesting fact accord, I was always more interested in the creative process more than the creative outputs itself.

In 2006, after high school, I studied Graphic Design, as a means to an end. In Porto, we do not have (at least at my time) any User-center Design curriculum. So I thought, I will take Graphic Design; First, to learn how to communicate visually my ideas; And most importantly, as an ethnographic field study, I wanted to understand how designer think and understand their creative process.

After graduating from my first degree in 2010, I start working as a Graphic Designer but having complete mindfulness that it wasn't what I want to do for the rest of my life. So, during the day I had a full-time job, and at night I continue my studies. The logic was, I already had a Design background, now I want a Business background and further a Technological background in order to fully complete the base of User-center Design:

Design + Business + Technology = UX Design

This passion of been more delight on the journey rather than the destination, define who I am professionally. I am always researching and studying how the design field is evolving. Especially because technology is playing a significant role in shaping the future of design and is changing the way we think about design. With the emergence of AI-driven society, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have become a design decision. Aware of it, in 2016, I decided to take a PhD in Digital Media program at the University of Porto.