I'm a Product Designer since 2010, based in Porto, Portugal. I have a peculiar academic path that gave me a synergy between fields such as Design, Management, and Engineering.

I am a certified UX Designer by the acclaimed Norman and Nielsen Group in UX Management.
My passion is user research,
but my daily work is balanced between Product Design and User Research. In the past few years, I have been specializing in qualitative and quantitative analysis. I'm a Data-driven Designer with a huge curiosity for how future technologies will shape the design creation process.

I am currently interested in designing future digital experiences focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). In the last past year, I am helping my organization shifting from creating a fit-to-all solution to a high-personalized solution designed specifically to each user singular needs.

I'm also a PhD student in Austin Portugal Program in University of Porto under the Digital Media program. Balancing between work and studying, I am researching and exploring the boundaries between Human-centered Design (HCD), Human-computer Interaction (HCI), and Service Design (by Anticipatory Design) – through Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) – within AI and Internet of Things (IoT).

Sporadically, I teach Design Thinking, User Experience, Interaction Design and User-centered Design.

My UX Design Skills

Technical Writing
Interaction Design
Usability Evaluation
User Needs Research
Visual Design
Information Architecture
UX management

My Work Experience

Product Designer
Becker Professional Education
(Nov 2015 - Present)
With passion and clear vision, I am fighting to change the level of UX maturity in my organization. I help decipher raw ideas into a well-thought-out service sustained on solid usability & interaction principles to optimize the learner experience of Becker students. While achieving its business goals and strengthen its brand by solving business problems through design. I am responsible for the long-term success of my design decisions.

I am proactive challenged by trade-offs regarding business goals, user engagement, cross-channel experiences, service design, or deep analytics of user-behavior data. My daily work spans between:

Facilitating meetings, brainstorms, and design review sessions // Giving presentations // UX research & Discovering new insights through data analysis // Understanding user needs // Evaluating design solutions + Setting & testing hypotheses // Describing users activities through personas, scenarios, customer journey map, and service blueprints // Expert evaluation // Project planning, requirements definition // Understanding the product domain & competitive market // Defining and measuring UX metrics // Strategic (UX) planning // Defining UI's structure and workflows, interactions & patterns // Defining IA & navigation // Developing page layouts + defining guidelines.

Outsourcing Consultant
(Jun 2017 - present)
Interested in the Portuguese market. I have been dedicating my free time to conducting heuristics evaluation and UX audits. The goal is to provide an impartial and specialized adviceon the performance of digital products through a careful auditory focusing on UX, Usability,and accessibility.
UI/UX Specialist
(Aug 2014 - Nov 2015)
(Waveform is a subsidiary company of Primavera BSS)

My main functions were focused on building deliverables for a variety of platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.
During my time there I collaborate in the following projects:
# UX & UI of Porto e Norte tourism mobile application
# UX & UI of Magium a pharma mobile sales application
# UX & UI of Primavera BSS Mobile Sales. A mobile application for agile the sale process on the ground.
Lead Designer. Ended the outsourcing of promotional materials for the department and began designing in-house. Creative lead in research, vision, and design for implementation. Responsible for managing main departments and institutions Brands (CIDES, CINTESIS, and UFN) as well as coordinating new identity design, web design, and UX/UI design for several multidisciplinary projects.
Head of Design
Telecommunication Institute of Porto
(Feb 2011 - Nov 2012)
I had a research grant. As creative lead, we connected new technologies to user needs and user needs to new technologies. My role was to conduct research in order to achieve new ideas and together with a multidisciplinary team we create fully-functional prototypes with engaging user experience concepts.
Internship, Young Web Designer
Media Capital
(Nov 2010 - Jan 2011)
Helped the team design layouts for websites.

My Teaching Experience

Invited Trainer
at Flag Porto
(Sep 2016 - Present)
In Flag, I had the opportunity to conduct some formations for important Portuguese companies as well as be part of the teaching panel for courses focus on UX & UI Design.

Trainer in the following modules:
# UX & UI Fundamentals
# Visual Digital Culture
# Interaction Design (IXD)
# User Testing
Invited Trainer
at Rumos
(Jul 2017 - Oct 2018)
Trainer for the following module:
#UX Design and Prototyping
Invited Trainer
at EDIT Porto
(Mar 2017 - May 2017)
In EDIT, I haD the pleasure to orient and conduct some workshops for important Portuguese companies as well as be part of the teaching panel for courses focus on Design Thinking.

Trainer in the course Design Thinking for Business Innovation for the following modules:
#1 Module - Definition and Development of the Concept of Thought
#2 Module - Design Thinking - Innovation Culture in Organizations
#3 Module - Design Thinking as a Strategic Tool
Invited Trainer
at Catholic University of Porto
(May 2013 - Jul 2016)
Invited Assistant Professor to teach Design Thinking and User Experience Design in the course of Digital Design.
If you want to know more about me,
Feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to start a conversation.
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